Global Delivery
Our Global Delivery Model involves using optimal mix of onsite, offsite and offshore resources in close integration with client side resources to derive the best possible benefits for all parties concerned. It is a model that seeks to optimize usage of right skills at the right place and at the right time in the right quantity. While the specific numbers vary from industry to industry and for each client situation, in stable conditions, we are very confident that our model delivers consistent and sustained cost savings that are commensurate with the scale of operations.

  Breaking pieces of work into logical components
  Distributing these components geo-locationally, to perform
  Assurance of the best product quality, which cuts down costs of fixing defects
  Create alignment between business, operations and IT
  Standard framework for building and delivering reliable solutions and services
  Reducing costs while enhancing business performance
  Services and solutions are provided to clients at an optimum level of quality
  Allocation of Tasks amongst the available resources

About Us

IDN (Integration Developer Network) has taken rapid strides in the IT market by bringing in a wide array of technical skills and capabilities to our clients. We offer a wide spectrum of IT Services including Information Systems Solutions, Customized Software Solutions, Web Solutions and IT Staffing.

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